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Nina: I Did Not Ignore Brenda

The chef sets the record straight on her show and tell gathering.

Show and tell is something I've been doing since I moved to L.A. It's always an adventure that's sure to provide memorable, very strange, and occasionally awkward moments. Besides, what's fun about normal?

And speaking of Show and Tell, I’d like to set the record straight. I did not intentionally ignore Brenda. I love hosting and pride myself in making people feel welcome, but when Brenda walked in, I was caught up in the moment cooking and hadn’t realized she had walked in. I know I only served cold plates that night, but everything I prepare requires my full concentration. It seems like Brenda has a pre-conceived notion of who I am, and regardless of what I do, I can't do right by her. I think she's a very smart girl with very low self-esteem, and sadly that results in lashing out at the women around her rather than working on herself. I've been there, but I am finally at a point in my life where I'm really comfortable in my own skin (I mean I did rock that crochet dress for all of America to see). Although my feelings can still get hurt, I won't take these ladies' opinions to heart.  

I urge everyone out there to host his or her own Show and Tell! Send me a tweet with what you would bring @cookingclemente.