Waylynn Lucas

Waylynn reflects on the conflict in Santa Ynez.

on Sep 5, 2013


To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this episode. I had such an incredible experience in Santa Ynez, but much like the rest of the episode, I feel the trip was overshadowed by constant cattiness and fighting between the girls. There were only a few nice things said to one another, and not many nice things appreciated about anything or anybody. Unfortunately, I too am guilty of this.

Though, there were bright spots. It was nice to see Brenda offer Jessica some good advice and support after losing her job. As I’ve said before, if there is one thing certain about Brenda, she will say what is on her mind, good or bad, and you will never get anything sugar-coated. She is a bulldog, and the one you want representing you and going to bat for you in this industry.

It breaks my heart to hear Jessica talk about losing her identity when she gets fired and her fears about moving back to Missouri, a place she is so desperately trying to escape. I hate to see anybody run from their past, and try to deny or hide where they came from. I say, embrace every part of your past, for it has helped shape who you are today.

My take, it is a blessing in disguise that Jessica lost her job. Mistakes and hardships in our life teach us the most valuable lessons, make us stronger, more mature, more experienced, wise, and truly teach us about ourselves, what we are capable of, how much we can handle, how quickly we can bounce back. It is in the moments of despair, and being forced to sit with yourself instead of hiding behind a job, that you really are forced to give yourself the advantage of thinking about what you want and who you are. We are not our jobs, and to live and die by that is a way to always ensure that you will be let down and without identity. I am constantly reminded of this everyday.

Next, to watch Brenda worry about her job and the insane fight that goes on between her and Lindsay leaves me almost speechless. I feel for her and know what a scary position that can be. I don’t know the backstory between those ladies and the extent of the friendship between Lindsay and Brenda’s boss. So, I am staying out of it, however, I just wish that the two of them could have reasonably discussed the issue, instead of talking behind peoples’ backs, growing a resentment which will inevitably lead to an explosion, and being so blinded by anger that you can't possibly see or listen to the other person’s side of the story. Neither of them want to talk and are convinced of what they think, so it seems pointless and without resolve. Though, I must say I can see how easy it can be to defend your job and "identity" with such passion and anger. We all know how upset I got when someone threatened the facts about my job and my business. Though, we did also see how I chose to deal with it. To each his own I guess.

Excuse my rant, but that is my experience, and those the lessons I have learned when I got stabbed in the back and as I went through different careers before I found my passion. S--- happens, every day for no good reason, so it is what you do with, what you take from it, and how you deal with it that counts.