What The Water Gave Me

December 6, 2011 • 5:08 PM ET
I loved going to Kelly Killoren Bensimon's closet. Aside from Keni Valenti and Eva Lorenzotti's closets, Kelly's was my definite favorite. Handbags, shoes, dresses, suits, an entire Missoni shelf. . .seriously? I aspire to have that closet. On top...
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We Are Family

December 6, 2011 • 4:49 PM ET
The final episodes are upon us. . .and I had so much fun this entire season. There are several things I wanted to mention so I'll just start from the top. . ....
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El Final Feliz

December 6, 2011 • 1:35 PM ET
Wow this episode was so fabulous and meant so much to us that I just won't get tired of watching it over and over. How Amazing was Kelly Killoren Bensimon's apartment! I would die for her closet space. I didn't get a chance to meet her but Ambria...
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Cuff Love

by Little Buck Hunter
December 5, 2011 • 1:52 PM ET
Hello fellow deal hunters!...
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True Value

November 29, 2011 • 5:28 PM ET
This week's episode was really interesting for me as it showed a snippet of the day to day that takes place in the store. I’m referring to the way I priced the one-of-a-kind Louboutins. I didn’t want to see them walk out the door, and thought...
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Respect the Guidelines

November 29, 2011 • 5:10 PM ET
This was quite the action-packed episode! Intense looks, strong words, and designer shoes were all tossed out around. So I am going to keep it simple and direct. Negotiating the pricing is an art. It’s a natural "people skills" trait. It’s not...
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