Ambria Miscia

Ambria explains how to spot a real designer bag and why the Birkin Bash was such as success.

on Oct 11, 2011

This episode was definitely interesting. Wilson consigning that gold dress was cute to watch; he has such a sweet way of being a diva! He negotiated well for his first time. It's hard to know how much to sell items that are not from a popular label. If you go too low, you can lose the consignor and if you price too high, no one will buy it. I am working with him now and think he will learn a lot working with all the different people that come in to the store and also all of the different labels he will get to see.

Tara's a far better sport than I am. She handled that girl who brought in that leather Gucci like an absolute pro. I can get a little hot under the collar when someone brings in something like that, I fall in love, envision a huge sale for the store and then the girl says, "You know what, I wanna take this home!" Soooo annoying. I was in love with the luxurious leather and the custom cut which is the reason Gucci has the reputation it has. I hope that girl is really wearing it and loving it and it's not just sitting in her closet!