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Ambria address her "field hand" feet and why Chanel bags can spell trouble.

on Oct 25, 20110

I'm going to leave my field hand feet for last. OK, no, I'll just get it over with now. I've always had wider feet, but honestly living in New York has made it worse. I walk all over the city. I love it, but I moved here with a size 9 shoe -- I am now a very generous 10. I was excited to see if she would be able to do anything to my feet, but really in the end, short of having major surgery, there is nothing I can do except wear high arched shoes.

Dr. Levine's shoe collection was pure insanity. The main thing I want you to know is that the shoes that she had out in her living room and against her wall were not all of her shoes! I had a sneak peek at her closet and there were a couple of hundred more… Wow this woman had the ideal Carrie Bradshaw closet. Unfortunately, she was not willing to part with many. . .which made me sad. I'm still hopeful, though, that Dr. Levine will let me pick some shoes up from her doorman from time to time and put them in the store!


Yay, I feel you on your "Field Worker" feet - I just didn't know there was an actual term! I know that Prada and YSL were quoted as good for us Field Working Footed gals but what else was recommended? I know Nine West was also mentioned and I can actually vouch for that.

Well I guess I can kiss my Louboutin and Jimmy Choo dreams goodbye!

Yes, I need to go to many garage sales as possible.

I am currently addicted to this show! Love ya in SF!


I can commiserate with you, I was in a car wreck and my foot got crushed...I can't even wear a 1/2 inch heal let alone a stiletto and I have had a bunch of surgeries that, to me, made my feet even uglier lol! But fortunately for you, you are completely fabulous from the ankles up and you have one of the most beautiful smiles...reminds me of Julia Roberts!