Ambria Miscia

Ambria explains the hilarity of leaving overpriced items in the store and her new found love for eco-friendly fashions.

on Nov 15, 2011

Going to Samantha Pleet's showroom was so much fun. I thought it would be a bunch of garbage bags made into a dress or something, but I had totally missed the point of what eco-friendly fashions were. Tara was really tuned into that whole industry and her idea for the party was amazing. We picked out fancy outfits. I absolutely loved my dress.

The party was fun, but prepping for it. . .not so much. I have to admit, Tara indulges in her emotions a lot and when she gets stressed out, we all feel it. I don't necessarily agree with how she handled herself; I thought it was all coming together nicely and we didn't need the tension. However, if she wants to act that way, she is allowed to, and we all just have to shut up and take it. She is the manager of the store. It's her party, and she can cry if she wants to! Wilson can only benefit by being diplomatic when he tells someone who is his superior that he doesn't like the attitude. I pick my battles; I didn't say a word. . .

In the end it all came together well. I remember getting quite tipsy, selling a lot of clothing and for whatever reason I wore fire engine red lipstick on that rainy day.