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Art Appreciation

Karina defends her love of male models and questions Wilson's dinner conversation.

After the fun in the Hamptons I was ready to chill a bit, but it was back to work on Mott St. . .

I was a little taken aback when Bentley (and her assistant?) rolled in with her Just Cavalli and Malandrino dresses. What a diva! She's a beautiful girl but how funny that she accused me of staining her dress with food? Piggy Piggy!!! The truth is a heavy dose of attitude can only take you so far. I looked past her diva-ness and actually ended up appreciating her. Really nice and thoughtful, as she left me with a wonderful gold link bracelet as a gift. But really someone should tell her to put a napkin on her lap. Haha!!!

If you have never been, Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown is amazing. Fancy, no. Delicious, yes. They have these "soup" dumplings that Jeff and the kids love and I thought it would be great if Wilson could join us for dinner. He may have been overdressed for Joe's, but then again, Wilson is always dressed for success. So join us he did! Especially with his comments about having kids. . .thank goodness nothing phases our family, WOW!! So he wants to sweat for it and somehow not adopt. . .please someone explain? Truth is the kids loved him and we all had a great time. We certainly look forward to another dinner with Wilson (and hopefully with some of his extended family as well).

We rocked it at Jeffrey Cares fashion event at The Intrepid. River is fantastic. Ladies let me tell you he is that much more delicious in person, but too bad he is already spoken for. I will say his friends aren't too shabby. . .I don't think I have ever been in a room with that many gorgeous men, it was loads of fun, so sad when that evening came to an end we all had fun. What is a cougar anyway? When you go to a museum don't you take in the art? I was just appreciating what was around me. . .I'm pretty sure if Jeff was at the Playboy Mansion it would be pretty normal for him to be doing the same thing. It's called having fun and enjoying life. . . All in good fun!

P.S.: My dress at Fashion Cares was Jean Batiste Devalle

P.P.S.: Many have asked about the colorful necklace I wore in the Hamptons episode -- it was Roberta Freeman.