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Closet Cases

Ambria explains why she loves raiding models' closets and what she thought of Wilson's clothes.

Raiding a model's closet is one of my favorite things to do. It's the freshest stuff from the runways and a lot of times at extremely high price points. Getting to go into River's closet wasn't my total dream come true (because it's guys clothes, obvi) but it was definitely worth the trip! We got Jeremy Scott items which were cool for the men's section and then an invite to see an all-male runway show. Amaze.

Watching the scene with Bentley made me laugh a little because it really showcases a small bit of what we really have to go through with consignors who bring in designer clothes. They often times, like her, do not want to admit there is a stain and like to either accuse us of doing it or of being "overly picky." If we take in a ton of stained clothing, you can change the S in STA to "Stained." We get a lot of divas and sometimes you don't put up with them. But sometimes you just stick it out and tolerate their radical behavior because in the end you want the clothes. I thought Karina handled it really well.

I differed with Tara and Karina on Wilson's selection. I loved the Edixon Valdez pieces. Were the items one particular look? Yes. But I never expected Wilson to stop there, or keep in bringing items with only that style. It was the first batch of clothes he sought out. It showed initiative, and I thought it was a great start at making the necessary departure from the polos and oxfords we had there. STA on Mott gets a ton of stylists and those were definitely items that I could see being used on photoshoots.