Cuff Love

Episode 10 and 11:'s Associate Editor ponders Chanel's old bracelets and Kelly Killoren Bensimon's pillows.

Hello fellow deal hunters! We gave you a little BOGO action this week, with two episodes for the price of one and not only did you get two episodes, you got two jam packed eps -- Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Alexa Ray Joel, and more!

Kelly Land
Having always been a firm member of Team Kelly (her brand of crazy is just my favorite), I was overjoyed to see the gals stopping by her closet to pick up some things for the Generosity Water auction. I personally would have asked Kelly to cosign her incredible horse and those Hermes pillows but that's just me. I'm nuts for things. I'd sit naked on that horse if I couldn't afford clothes, because I would be sitting astride on a giant horse. Why would I ever need to leave the house

Anyway. . . . I do have to give it up for Kelly's Russian doll handbags. The leather looked especially sumptuous and I love anything with secret compartments. I was waiting for one even smaller bag to come out, and then another, and then a tiny cell phone similar to the one in Will Ferrell's best SNL clip ever ("Pack your bags, we're going to Milan!"). Alas, no.

And the Bag Played On
While I lurved the story of the Eric De Kolb accordion handbag (you had me at surrealist painter Karina), I was so heartbroken to see how busted up the bag was. Sure, you can't blame its previous owners for loving that thing to death (it was hella fly), but I have to say it was looking a tad ratty, rat. However it was still an amazing find, and I know Lauren was incredible overjoyed to net $500 on the deal.


Cuff Love
Despite the street drinking, the STA staff stillmanaged to pull some sales together in their final episode, and so when a cuff comes in that could have been worn by the one and only Coco Chanel, the gals get excited.

Unfortunately, it turned out not to be the real deal (or at least, no one can prove that it was). But it's still a banging piece of jewelry, and STA accepts it with open arms. Then the gang is treated to a tour of the Elle accessories closet. Once upon a time I was an accessories intern at a fashion magazine, and I can tell you those closets are as splendid as this one appeared. Imagine all of the best jewelry, bags, shoes, and what nots crammed into the tiniest amount of square footage you can get, and that's about right. Be still my heart just thinking about it. Le sigh.

And that's our season. What did you think fashion lovers? What was your favorite part of the show -- the crazy clothes or the crazier sellers? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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We Are Family

Karina explains her escape from the store and how the STA staff has bonded.

The final episodes are upon us. . .and I had so much fun this entire season. There are several things I wanted to mention so I'll just start from the top. . .

The accordion purse -- when that came in the door I got extremely excited, having studied art history and the artist Eric De Kolb. Funny that Tara's voice was in my head when I was pricing the item. Haha! It's really a unique item and was so great that we found a happy buyer, who will be the talk of her next dinner party or event.

Going to Kelly's home was a real treat. She has a really good way about her, very warm and welcoming. Her taste is great, especially the Hermes pillows she had made. And I thought Ambria was going to pass out in the closet. Thankfully she donated some items for the auction, which was all for a great cause Generosity Water. . .And thanks to Peter Som and Alexa Ray Joel for their items. It was really very nice of everyone participate.

I have to note that Colin, with the Coco Chanel cuff, walks around NYC barefoot. He told me the Hopi Indians used to walk barefoot so they felt closer to earth and nature. Not sure how concrete and asphalt are the same as dirt and grass, but hey, to each his own. . .

Lastly, I just wanted to touch on Ambria and I's little escape from the store. When you work together for awhile, you sometimes do act like schoolkids and that was pretty much what happened when we "snuck" out of the store. But Tara is great, and I'm glad she was so forgiving. . .and also that she feels comfortable enough with me to discuss any personal issues. We have bcome somewhat of a family and Tara , Wilson, Ambria, and myself. We all look out for one another at this point. . .

My PS: That Elle magazine accessories vault was amazing.

My PSS: I'll be posting some personal pictures from the season on Twitter @KarinaLepiner and

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