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Fun Fun Fun

Karina loved the gang's trip to the Hamptons, even if she had to fight to take some pieces home.

Fun fun fun!!!

A Hamptons weekend is what we all needed. Having Tara roll up behind the wheel of an SUV was simply hilarious. . .and it was all the more special to experience Wilson's first time out east with him.

So we headed Jackie Rodgers house. She has history beyond history with "Mademoiselle" Chanel. OMG, I could have just spent my whole weekend having tea with her, since she is such an important part of fashion history.

Next we were off to Pierre's for lunch with my old friend Amy. The truth is it is sometimes hard to part with things, but if you haven't worn it two years, chances are you never will. . .and that's what I was trying to explain with regards to the Alberta Ferretti skirt. In any event, we got to see Wilson do a twirl. That's Twirl Number 2 for those who are counting!

The Chateau home was inspirational. Sometimes it shocks me what people have tucked away and then have issues parting with. The Dolce coat is a perfect example, as it sat in her closet but she still insisted on keeping it "to wear in the south of France." Oh well. . .

Lastly we stopped off at a favorite spot of mine. -- Wolford winery where we enjoyed my favorite rosé wine. . .and then proceeded to shop (yay!). The StyleLiner -- wow, what a great idea. I just love the way Joey had everything set up and her pieces were simply delectable. Too tempting to buy, as I found a few special items for the collezione. Haha.

P.S.: Sported a DVF on the way out there.

P.P.S.: I love the free flow of fabrics when I'm on the beach. Also, check out I had a great time on Halloween and you can see the pix there.