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Guilty As Charged

Wilson admits he does take the best finds as they come into the store and that he could use a foot facial.

I want to hit every garage sell in Texas with Karina! I mean seriously how lucky is this consignor to find that Chanel bag? Women are literally on the everyday hunt for Chanel bags at a lower price.

I do not blame Karina for wanting to cut her a deal right then and there and own the bag. I do think she shouldn't have done it as obviously, but hey, who isn't Chanel Impulsive! Besides we are all guilty of that. As soon as we see something coming in to the store that we like, we quickly put it on hold. Therefore Ambria did not have to be so judgmental, however I do have to say that Ambria's idea to let the consignor walk out with a pair of Louboutins and increasing the price of the bag was very smart!

OMG $700 dollars for the Lauren Bacall Louis Vuitton bag no way! I love you Tara, but that was definitely priced too low. I will have to agree with Karina about raising the price of the bag. Yes, she should of spoken to Tara before raising the price, but I know she probably did not want to cause a scene in front of the consignor. Therefore, she had to go with what she felt was reasonable and raised it to $1,000.

Ambria and Karina's visit to the podiatrist office was hilarious, I never knew foot facial existed, and I could definitely use a few sessions for my own.