Judging a Book by Its Raincoat

Episode 8: Bravotv.com's Associate Editor dies and goes to vintage heaven at Kenti Valenti's.

Hello Hunters,

As we prepare to hunt for turkey leftovers and major deals this Friday let us focus on finding steals at STA first.

You Can't Judge a Book by Its Raincoat
Our first consignor of the day is a delightful wack-a-doo. Rosemary is a woman about town who is wearing a cast-off coat of Lady Gaga. She has a handle headband on. Wearable items isn’t exactly what sprung to mine.

But surprise there she was with a pair of hot pink Miu Miu pumps (she hates color now, as it turns out, makes her very sick) and some wild Proenza Schouler pumps with a gold heel. Obsessed with those. I hope Rosemary does come back wearing a tutu on a unicycle, because more of this is something I would like to see.

So let's talk about the YSL Russian Collection. Obviously, it's may-to-the-ajor, however, I don't know that I could ever wear it. It's a little too, star of Tetris for my taste. Zanna Roberts however, could look beyond the fact that this jacket is tending to fug and see if it was actually worth the tens of thousands of bones it could warrant.

fashion-hunters-season-1-gallery-featureSurvey says -- it ain't. I had some issues with the embroidery lines not matching up on the wrists (but I did scratch myself in the eye the day I watched this episode, so what do I know). But Zanna astutely pointed out that the "Made in the U.S.A" label was the real way to tell that this was as faux as the fur on my Old Navy puffer. God bless America, but there ain't no Yves Saint Laurent coming out of these 50 states.

Keni Can
I have to commend Ambria for pulling a bit of a fib this week. When Sex and the City styling alum Rebecca Weinberg trotted into the store looking for vintage, she did what most self-respecting sales clerks would do -- she lied. She conjured up rolodexes of vintage dealers armed to the hilt with celebrity-worthy frocks. Why? Because imagine the Carrie Bradshaw cast-offs Rebecca could pull into the store if she was an official card-carrying friend of STA. Thankfully Karina was there to save the day with access to Keni Valenti's closet -- and what a closet it was.

I maybe didn't reach the multiple climaxes that Amrbia did, but I came pretty close. The Valanetina dress she wiggled right into was up on the list of things I'd sell a kidney for (you have two after all!). The Oscar de la Renta was very Florence and the Machine, which means I wanted to buy it and twirl in it. I was super frothy at the mouth to see what dress Julie Henderson was going to don.

In the end she picked a divine brown Giorigio Sant' Angelo and Rebecca cosigned a slew of fancy goods. Everybody wins!

Next week, I feel less confident that everyone wins as Louboutins are lobbed over a shoe pricing snafu. The only person that wins in that scenario is the one who catches the shoes and runs away.

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We Are Family

Karina explains her escape from the store and how the STA staff has bonded.

The final episodes are upon us. . .and I had so much fun this entire season. There are several things I wanted to mention so I'll just start from the top. . .

The accordion purse -- when that came in the door I got extremely excited, having studied art history and the artist Eric De Kolb. Funny that Tara's voice was in my head when I was pricing the item. Haha! It's really a unique item and was so great that we found a happy buyer, who will be the talk of her next dinner party or event.

Going to Kelly's home was a real treat. She has a really good way about her, very warm and welcoming. Her taste is great, especially the Hermes pillows she had made. And I thought Ambria was going to pass out in the closet. Thankfully she donated some items for the auction, which was all for a great cause Generosity Water. . .And thanks to Peter Som and Alexa Ray Joel for their items. It was really very nice of everyone participate.

I have to note that Colin, with the Coco Chanel cuff, walks around NYC barefoot. He told me the Hopi Indians used to walk barefoot so they felt closer to earth and nature. Not sure how concrete and asphalt are the same as dirt and grass, but hey, to each his own. . .

Lastly, I just wanted to touch on Ambria and I's little escape from the store. When you work together for awhile, you sometimes do act like schoolkids and that was pretty much what happened when we "snuck" out of the store. But Tara is great, and I'm glad she was so forgiving. . .and also that she feels comfortable enough with me to discuss any personal issues. We have bcome somewhat of a family and Tara , Wilson, Ambria, and myself. We all look out for one another at this point. . .

My PS: That Elle magazine accessories vault was amazing.

My PSS: I'll be posting some personal pictures from the season on Twitter @KarinaLepiner and CrushworthyMoms.com

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