Karina Lepiner

Karina explains how Keni saved the day and why you can't judge a book by its cover.

on Nov 22, 2011

But the highlight for me (and obviously Ambria) was going to see my friend Keni Valenti at his showroom. When Ambria told Rebecca Weinberg that she had a blackbook to help her find whatever pieces she may need, I immediately said "What?" What blackbook? I'm the blackbook in this case, and Keni immediately came to mind.

He’s so much fun to be around, either in Miami or NYC. He has a fabulous demeanor and is always full of interesting stories from his early days in fashion. Keni "lived" the '70s and '80s, when stores like Fiorucci were the hottest places to shop. And now he is truly a one of a kind business with the most unique pieces. Where else can you find a classic YSL, Giorgio Sant'Angelo, Geoffrey Beene, Christian Lacroix, Halston, Oscar De La Renta etc., original vintage pieces???

He has it all, and it's a special place to see. I always tell him he should start a museum but he loves the interaction with his clients, which I guess is in some way very satisfying. Love you Keni!!!

My PS: Keni is the best. Did I say that already?

My PPS: Check out CrushworthyMoms.com. It is constantly updated with a new featured "mom," and my trip to Jamaica is recently highlighted as well.