Little Buck Hunter

Episode 9:'s Associate Editor imagines what she wouldn't claim at customs.

on Nov 29, 2011

The STA crew nearly impaled each other on a pair of vintage Louboutins this week, going to show you that fashion is the most dangerous game (or is that Yahtzee). Thankfully everyone made it out alive -- heels and hair intact. Let's see what they walked away from the fray with.

A Tough Russian Cookie
Our first consignor of the episode is Yulia. Yulia is what I would call "hella intimidating." She has a fierce Russian accent, a stone cold pokerface, and a number in mind for her Marc Jacobs dress --  making her exactly the sort of client that could banish you back to the tundra. However, the only thing that matters is that Marc Jacobs gown (purple and red, more of this please!) that was designed for Liv Tyler (even if it wasn't worn by "the" Liv Tyler -- what was?).

Tara keeps herself together and manages to make that cookie crumble, or at least break into a smaller more sellable number. Score.