Little Buck Hunter

Episode 9:'s Associate Editor imagines what she wouldn't claim at customs.

on Nov 29, 2011

Throwing Louboutins
Let me introduce you to Katherine. Katherine's nobody really. She just lived in Paris and while she was there just rang up everyone's favorite good buddy Christian Louboutin. "Oh hey Loubs. Can you custom make me a pair of shoes? Neat!" So her and her mother just popped over for tea and to pick up some shoes that were never actually produced. NBD!

You can't blame Wilson and Karina for literally foaming at the mouth at this point. A custom pair of black patent flats and some fierce silk pumps seem like the score of the century. Price them to the moon! How can this back up on them.

But, those flats are a little tattered, like "I've worn them a hundred times on the streets of Paris while picking up baguettes to put in my bicycle basket" tattered. And the green pair, though never worn, isn't going to net a ridonkulous $500. And so the STA staff gets into a fight of epic proportions. Wilson gets attitude, par usual, and Tara is not having it. I really don't understand his lack of respect. Even when blinded with a love for a pair of shoes you have to respect your boss, honey. Take it down a notch or you're going to be cosigning your vest on the street corner.

Magically enough, the green satin pumps sell at a more modest $300 to a tall lady who rocks them with cuffed jeans. I'm jealous of both your height and your footwear now stranger.