Little Buck Hunter

Episode 9:'s Associate Editor imagines what she wouldn't claim at customs.

on Nov 29, 2011

Lily of the Valley Girl
I have to commend Maya for being a woman that loves all prints. She loves bold patterned frocks (the one she wore to cosign was delightful, while obvs the vintage Valentino was a treasure), and she also loves print print -- like magazines. You know magazines, people read them before Kindles were invented. Maya was flipping through a Harper's Bazaar and stumbled her dress on a model next to Valentino and thusly she no longer saw pages, but just dollar signs.

And so our good buddy from last week. Mr. Keni Valenti arrives to evaluate Maya's gown. As it turns out, the lack of a label is because ladies would travel abroad and rip them out. That way they wouldn't have to declare their designer goods coming back to the USA. What sneaky, brilliant travelers you were! And I thought I was a great packer because I roll my socks!

Unfortunately the poor stitiching means it is not a Valentino exactly. Most likely it was sewn from Valentino overrun fabric, meaning it is worth the $150 she paid for it. But our boy Keni recommends she keep it (why!) and the dress trots back home to Maya's, where she can read magazines in it and imagine i's more amazing than she initially thought.