Little Buck Hunter

Episode 10 and 11:'s Associate Editor ponders Chanel's old bracelets and Kelly Killoren Bensimon's pillows.

on Dec 5, 2011

Hello fellow deal hunters!
We gave you a little BOGO action this week, with two episodes for the price of one and not only did you get two episodes, you got two jam packed eps -- Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Alexa Ray Joel, and more!

Kelly Land
Having always been a firm member of Team Kelly (her brand of crazy is just my favorite), I was overjoyed to see the gals stopping by her closet to pick up some things for the Generosity Water auction. I personally would have asked Kelly to cosign her incredible horse and those Hermes pillows but that's just me. I'm nuts for things. I'd sit naked on that horse if I couldn't afford clothes, because I would be sitting astride on a giant horse. Why would I ever need to leave the house

Anyway. . . . I do have to give it up for Kelly's Russian doll handbags. The leather looked especially sumptuous and I love anything with secret compartments. I was waiting for one even smaller bag to come out, and then another, and then a tiny cell phone similar to the one in Will Ferrell's best SNL clip ever ("Pack your bags, we're going to Milan!"). Alas, no.