Little Buck Hunter

Episode 3:'s Associate Editor tries to solve the Miyake mystery and discusses knitting in the round.

on Oct 18, 2011

Christian Dior Bracelet Flow
When Ambria gets sad she likes to hold clothes, and there is nothing more comforting to hold than a Christian Dior bracelet. When I get sad I hold my Forever 21 shirts and then cry more (JK, I love my Forevs 21 threads). Don't worry about that mean call from your boyfriend, let the relationship expert and her beautiful baubles comfort you. I think there's no better way to recover from being an "open, loving person" or a "doormat" than by wearing a red leather jacket and a Christian Dior cuff.

 Yeah, I'd be right over that guy with a jacket like this, and I think he'd be pretty sore about it.