Little Buck Hunter

Episode 7:'s Associate Editor ponders boho style and Prince-worthy pieces.

on Nov 15, 2011

Go Coconuts
Two important eco-facts we learned this week. When in doubt skip silk and button your shirts with coconuts. Maybe I'm not fully grasping the concept, but I was too distracted by the myriad delights in Samantha Pleet's studio. It looked like the staging area for a Feist video in there, what with her floppy hats and organic cottons. Personally, I am obsessed with her Chart dress and I agreed that Tara did look like a sexy little school girl. The chariot dress gets some major points since it was easily changeable however I would like to see it in action. I feel that on a short gal like myself it might look a little Coraline-ish.

But even without a carbon footprint there was a negative o-zone hanging over the shindig. Wilson thought Tara's pre-party attitude was a little too much to handle. And like any obedient employee he told her so.

Oh honey. Maybe the Goo-Gone fumes from cleaning those beer bottles were going to your brain, but you need to respect the "pecking order" (is this The Real Housewives of New York City or The Real Housewives of Atlanta, since Wilson was also singing "Tardy for the Party"). Tara is in fact Wilson's boss, and perhaps he should start acting like it. . .

In the end, the party was a success, with people snapping up items left and right despite the pre-party mojo issures. What do you think though? Which eco-friendly item was your favorite -- besides the well-watered arrangements?