Little Buck Hunter

Epsidoe 1:'s Associate Editor ponders Jenny from the block's fashion choices and Bluemarine shoes.

on Oct 4, 2011

Closet Case

Shut up with these shoes, and the entire closet of Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti. Eva's living the dream. Filling her closet with incredible items, filling her belly with champagne, and her walls with really fun art. So why not have some gal pals over and sell them your delights? My personal must have were these BluMarine shoes. BluMarine gets are not easy to come by, reserved for the Italian elite. The house was described by The Guardian as "for that brand of Italian miss for whom no dress is too small nor any diamond too big." I don't usually consider myself in that class, but for these leopard/cow print heels, I'd let you call me "Pizza." The CB's they managed to convince her to sell weren't too shabby either.

So, that's what I coveted. What about you? What finds did you want to find most in your own closet?

Next week it's a Birkin bag showdown, when one lady might find hers to be faux. Stay tuned chickees.