Little Buck Hunter

Episode 8:'s Associate Editor dies and goes to vintage heaven at Kenti Valenti's.

on Nov 21, 2011

Hello Hunters,

As we prepare to hunt for turkey leftovers and major deals this Friday let us focus on finding steals at STA first.

You Can't Judge a Book by Its Raincoat
Our first consignor of the day is a delightful wack-a-doo. Rosemary is a woman about town who is wearing a cast-off coat of Lady Gaga. She has a handle headband on. Wearable items isn’t exactly what sprung to mine.

But surprise there she was with a pair of hot pink Miu Miu pumps (she hates color now, as it turns out, makes her very sick) and some wild Proenza Schouler pumps with a gold heel. Obsessed with those. I hope Rosemary does come back wearing a tutu on a unicycle, because more of this is something I would like to see.