Little Buck Hunter

Episode 8:'s Associate Editor dies and goes to vintage heaven at Kenti Valenti's.

on Nov 21, 20110

So let's talk about the YSL Russian Collection. Obviously, it's may-to-the-ajor, however, I don't know that I could ever wear it. It's a little too, star of Tetris for my taste. Zanna Roberts however, could look beyond the fact that this jacket is tending to fug and see if it was actually worth the tens of thousands of bones it could warrant.

Survey says -- it ain't. I had some issues with the embroidery lines not matching up on the wrists (but I did scratch myself in the eye the day I watched this episode, so what do I know). But Zanna astutely pointed out that the "Made in the U.S.A" label was the real way to tell that this was as faux as the fur on my Old Navy puffer. God bless America, but there ain't no Yves Saint Laurent coming out of these 50 states.