Little Buck Hunter

Episode 8:'s Associate Editor dies and goes to vintage heaven at Kenti Valenti's.

on Nov 21, 2011

Keni Can
I have to commend Ambria for pulling a bit of a fib this week. When Sex and the City styling alum Rebecca Weinberg trotted into the store looking for vintage, she did what most self-respecting sales clerks would do -- she lied. She conjured up rolodexes of vintage dealers armed to the hilt with celebrity-worthy frocks. Why? Because imagine the Carrie Bradshaw cast-offs Rebecca could pull into the store if she was an official card-carrying friend of STA. Thankfully Karina was there to save the day with access to Keni Valenti's closet -- and what a closet it was.

I maybe didn't reach the multiple climaxes that Amrbia did, but I came pretty close. The Valanetina dress she wiggled right into was up on the list of things I'd sell a kidney for (you have two after all!). The Oscar de la Renta was very Florence and the Machine, which means I wanted to buy it and twirl in it. I was super frothy at the mouth to see what dress Julie Henderson was going to don.

In the end she picked a divine brown Giorigio Sant' Angelo and Rebecca cosigned a slew of fancy goods. Everybody wins!

Next week, I feel less confident that everyone wins as Louboutins are lobbed over a shoe pricing snafu. The only person that wins in that scenario is the one who catches the shoes and runs away.