Little Buck Hunter

Episode 5:'s Associate Editor ponders what she would have taken home from the Hamptons.

on Nov 2, 20110

Tom Ford for Gucci Pants
All I'm saying is no wonder Amy had a hard time giving up the ghost on these guys. I personally would have kept them, because one day those pants will fit again, and all will be right in the world. She could have strutted from room to room of her incredible house visiting all the world's greatest destinations without having to hike up her pants and remove her shoes for the TSA.That's the pleasure of having a home with rooms dedicated to your favorite global hot spots -- you never have to worry about finding a good plane outfit and a seat away from someone who snores.

Also, I've never met a caftan I didn't like so the Calypso top was a big win for me. I feel Countess LuAnn de Lesseps would be a fan as well.