Little Buck Hunter

Episode 6:'s Associate Editor wonders how those who never eat stain their clothes, and what male models should wear.

on Nov 8, 2011

In less stained and tarnished clothing news, Tara and Wilson jaunted off to delicious male model River's closet to find some finds. And did they. Let's talk about Jeremy Scott.

Shut the f'n door with this sweatshirt. I would do so many sassy dances with this. I could choreograph an amazing fan video to Lady Gaga's "Telephone" in this sweatshirt. The thing about Jeremy Scott is that sure, anyone could make a sweatshirt that has big old telephone numbers on it -- but they don't. He's out there doing it. He's out there making things that are designed to be worn at delightful raves sound-tracked by Robyn music. It's just meant to make you smile. Just like. . .