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Number 9

Karina commends Wilson for learning the ropes so fast, and gives her thoughts on the faux Birkin.

It was another fun week in and outside of STA. I thought Wilson did a fabulous job with his first consignment, especially the way he priced his items to end with a "9" ($109, $59, etc..). Does it really seem less expensive when you buy something for $59 versus $60? He must be a natural if he recognizes the little retail tricks this early on, and I am excited that he is finally getting to consign items. Funny that even my father in law gave me some Gucci and RL items for Wilson to "help him build out the mens section."

So the Birkin swap. . .it was an exciting afternoon of fabulous fun ladies at the Grammercy Park Hotel. Michael Tonello, author of Bringing Home the Birkin, really knows his stuff. How he spotted the "faux" was amazing. And his experience being able to point out the inconsistencies really sets him apart. No wonder Jane carries her dog around in it, it wasn't real! Birkins are great but for me to spend that much on a bag really isn't practical, especially when I have two kids that still need to go to college!

I'll be spending the week between Mott, Thompson, and the STA Upper East locations. Come in and say hello. . .or better yet, bring some items to consign with us!

Follw me on twitter: @KarinaLepiner

PS: The jewelry I was wearing at the Birkin swap was Daniella Kronfle. Absolutely love her jewelry!

PPS: Fur vests are a fav of mine. . .very easy to go from daytime to ready to party with just one or two extras. Get more details at