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Peace and Plaid

Tara explains her desire to help others, and to open up on camera.

Season 1 is over already? Damn time flew by.

One of the greatest highlights of the season was organizing the charity auction to raise money for those in desperate need of clean drinking water. I have always wanted to help on a larger level, and this was a continued step in that direction. I certainly was more than a little nervous that we wouldn't reach our goal because the women we invited were rather tight-fisted with their donations at first. But things turned around and we soon reached our goal of $6,000 with Generosity Water to have a well dug in Ghana. Now close to 1,000 people will have access to clean drinking water because of Fashion Hunters. How cool is that? I have to say that it feels so nice to be a part of something that has made that kind of difference. To see the smiles on their faces in photos is heartwarming. Perhaps there'll be a trip in the future to participate in the next digging, or just to dance my heart out in Africa!


A special thanks to Kelly Bensimon, Alexa Ray Joel, Peter Som, and all the other participants. Their kindness and generosity made this possible.

Aw, you only got to see a little of my new friend Colin who brought in the cuff he thought was previously owned by Coco Chanel. We broke out in dance during his consignment. He has a gentle and fluid presence about him, which is so beautiful. I asked if he was a dancer, and he said he practiced a yoga-based dance called 5 Rhythms, and so have I. Soon we were off moving about like Fred and Ginger. Sadly our little routine didn’t make the final cut, but come join us during a Tuesday class. It was a treat for him, as well as Ambria and me to visit Elle magazine and explore their accessories closet. Have I shared how much I love my job?

As for my opening up and sharing some personal stuff, let me quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The blurred world seen from a merry-go-round settled into place, the merry-go-around suddenly stopped."

Listen, we all have our vices, some more than others. I trust it's about being honest with oneself and trying to strike a balance in life, day-by-day, minute by minute. Breathe. Be bold and beautiful. Don't be afraid to show who you are. We all experience bumps in the road; it's how we respond to it, take action and process it that matters.

Love and light, until we fashion hunt together again. . .peace and plaid!