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Phone Home

Episode 6:'s Associate Editor wonders how those who never eat stain their clothes, and what male models should wear.

I can't let this blog go on even a minute without talking about Bentley. Oh, Bentley. You delight/terror. G-d bless you.

You came with two amazing gifts. A Just Cavalli dress I might give my life for and a Catherine Malandrino dress that wasn't too shabby either. However -- these items might have seen better days -- like big time, party days. Like covered in martini and wing stains days. I cannot stress enough how much I lost it when she mentioned that it was impossible for her to have stained the clothes because "she barely eats." Yet, when Karina offered her $66 for the dress, she knew exactly how many cocktails and wings it equaled. You're not fooling me Bentley. I know you wore that dress out to one wild night at Buffalo Wild Wings and dropped a boneless on the side. Take that jazz to the dry cleaner before you bring it in here, girl. Thankfully she did just that, and we all learned an important lesson about cleanliness -- it's next to costliness?

In less stained and tarnished clothing news, Tara and Wilson jaunted off to delicious male model River's closet to find some finds. And did they. Let's talk about Jeremy Scott.


Shut the f'n door with this sweatshirt. I would do so many sassy dances with this. I could choreograph an amazing fan video to Lady Gaga's "Telephone" in this sweatshirt. The thing about Jeremy Scott is that sure, anyone could make a sweatshirt that has big old telephone numbers on it -- but they don't. He's out there doing it. He's out there making things that are designed to be worn at delightful raves sound-tracked by Robyn music. It's just meant to make you smile. Just like. . .


I don't even like fitness and I would work out in this. I mean. . . .Put that on me and call me Reverend Fun DMC, because I am more Fun than Run. Run's House!

Next week there's more Just Cavalli drama and Wilson and Tara continue to duke it out. Here's hoping that jacket at least makes it into STA for all that huffing and puffing.

What about you guys? Which piece from this week's episode stole a piece of your heart?