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Role Models

Wilson explains why Rebecca Weinberg is the ultimate New Yorkers.

Second Time Around in Nolita is with a doubt the destination for all types of people, and we love it! Characters such as Rosemary are the ones that makes up our day. I mean, who would have thought she wanted to consign Miu Miu and Proenza shoes. I totally agree with Tara. It just shows you that we cannot judge a book by its cover.

I absolutely enjoyed watching the YSL vintage story. That velvet blazer is not something that I would wear, but it was amazing, especially for those people that really appreciate vintage pieces, in particular vintage YSL. I think we all learned how to spot a fake YSL vintage piece! Zanna Roberts Rassi from Marie Claire was very eloquent explaining how to tell a fake. Her outfit was super cool btw! I loved that leather jacket with that long pleated skirt!

My absolutely favorite moment in this episode was meeting Rebeca Weinberg. I mean she is definitely a role model not only for those pursuing a career in fashion styling but for those New Yorkesr that live in that constant hustle of trying to make it.

I remember speaking to her later. She explained to us how they would just show up to designer showrooms and try to borrow clothes for Sex and the City before they became big, and everyone was such d----ebags to them. Rebecca said if one person says no you just have to move on to the next, period. Ambria and Karina definitely did very well finding such wide selection of dresses to show Rebecca.

BTW: Keni's vintage showroom its a true definition of fashion galore! Spectacular! No wonder why Ambria had multiple fashion-gasms there? I don't blame her.