Something for Everyone

Tara apologies if her comment was taken the wrong way, but explains how the store should be curated.

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to those who may have been offended when I said that the clothes Wilson brought in were "a little gay." I realize it was not very "PC" of me, and I fear I may have given the wrong impression. I could try and do this by sharing about my "girly" moments, but I will resist the urge and keep my comments to this episode. I didn't mean my words to be derogatory, or that I disliked the pieces, but rather I meant that they were a little flamboyant and campy. In fact, I watched this episode with a friend, who happens to be gay, and he agrees with me.

And shouldn't I be a little concerned when he brings in flavorful shirts and mentions consigning leather underwear? When we curate, we have to consider a wide variety of tastes and not just our own. And like I told Bentley, when she began insulting the clothes in the store, "there is something for everyone" and hopefully that will mean the men's section, which is a sad state of affairs. (Oh, and after thinking about it, my brother and his biker friends would probably rock those shirts along with leather underwear!) Wilson is right, I certainly don't know it all, nor do I pretend to. On the contrary my managerial style is one that embraces collaboration and promotes teamwork. And often I have to reel it in, in order to run a tight ship. In fact, it seems as if he is the one that is always quite sure of himself.

And God love the bold and beautiful Bentley. She is a gorgeous, but she should learn to pipe down a little bit. Wasn't Karina awesome? She didn't fan the flames on a confrontational situation. I mean really, we stained her pieces? Come on! We clearly hear it all from our clients, but I certainly wasn't having her diva-tude! And how funny was Karina and that freakin' calculator? When I saw that she was a little rattled I walked over to try and get her back to her comfort zone. With high maintenance and antagonistic clients like Bentley it's often a good idea to not be intimidated and instead go toe-to-toe with them. Like I said, at the end of the day, we are doing them a service!

It was very cool of River to invite us to the annual, Jeffery Fashion Cares Event. We all enjoyed the beautifully sculpted bodies—some more enthusiastically than others, ha, ss we got a sneak peek behind the curtain, and as they walked down the runway in designer's clothes that we barely noticed because their studliness stole our attention.

Alright, gotta go.

Ambria is down stairs picking me up. No NOT in a garbage truck, thank goodness!

What The Water Gave Me

Ambria discusses the team's work with Generosity Water and how proud she is of Tara's progress.

I loved going to Kelly Killoren Bensimon's closet. Aside from Keni Valenti and Eva Lorenzotti's closets, Kelly's was my definite favorite. Handbags, shoes, dresses, suits, an entire Missoni shelf. . .seriously? I aspire to have that closet. On top of the clothing, the bags, the ridiculous apartment and Kelly's down-to-earth friendliness was her charitable demeanor. She knows she has been fortunate, and she makes it a point to give back in her life, which is such an admirable quality. Generosity Water is her pet charity, and I see why. You see the direct results of the funds you send, which is not always the case with charities.

I have always wanted to get involved with charities but I've never been in a position to do so. Working at Second Time Around gives me opportunities to be around clientele who have plenty of clothing and plenty of money. Linking Generosity Water with our clients to build a well in Haiti was finally my opportunity to be a hands-on part of something extremely beneficial. I knew being the one to auction everything would be a challenge -- I've never done that before in my life! I figured because I knew a lot of the women, and we had those amazing items from Peter Som, Kelly Bensimon, Rachel Roy, and Alexa Ray Joel it would be a walk in the park. I was secretly hoping to raise enough money for two or three wells. I was totally wrong. These women did not come ready to give their money away. . It was a real fight to even get a paddle raised. Luckily Wilson came to my rescue with that deep, masculine voice that commanded those women a bit more than mine. Wilson has such positive energy and he definitely added a richer dimension to the party.

Persistence pays off, though, and after a few glasses of champagne the women began bidding. It wasn't the triumphant, over-the-top success I had wanted, but that one well does give water to a thousand people. So I guess I'll just give us four a congratulations for getting that far. Water is something that we take for granted; I can't imagine taking a sip of water and worrying that it's contaminated. This was by far the most rewarding thing I've done in a long time.

I was soooo hoping that Colin's bracelet actually belonged to Coco Chanel. Obviously Coco was one of the most influential women in fashion, so I got really excited. It was a let down to find out it wasn't. Visiting the Elle accessories closet was a nice little band-aid. You didn't even really get to see how much stuff was actually in there! I only wished Karina could have been there to fulfill her fantasy of accessories.

I am proud of Tara for sharing about her alcoholism. Everyone has different past experiences which leads them into certain circumstances they would rather not have to deal with it; I definitely have my own. It hasn't always been easy to watch her go through the motions at work. It's the type of situation that there is nothing you can do but be supportive. She has handled herself with dignity and grace, and I believe her sharing is quite inspirational for others who have similar demons.