Tara Muscarella

Tara explains her bold choice in fashions and why she doesn't need Wilson's advice.

on Nov 1, 2011

From lunch at Pierre's to the small little beach house where we ended our trip, the two Amys had enough fashion fabulosity to satisfy Ambria's grasping enthusiasm. Though it was a close call, I'm so thrilled we walked away with the Alberta Ferretti skirt, which is quite the stunner. And I was clearly wrong about Amy Number 2's house. No hitting the jackpot there, as she wasn't prepared to part with much.

Visiting the Wolffer Estate was a highlight. Joey Wolffer is a smart woman with a novel idea. What a life, shopping the world to find fashion that speaks to her and then hosting exclusive shopping parties in her Styleliner.

Actually, the real highlight was my morning surf lesson, which had me in a chill headspace so I was able to go with the flow and maneuver around Wilson's negative assessment of my fashion sense. I'll start paying him alright -- for him to keep his opinions to himself because I certainly don't need his fashion two cents.

And for all you designate drivers, preggers or non-alcoholic drinkers, be sure to try the Wolffer Verjus!