Tara Muscarella

Tara calls for consistency.

on Nov 29, 20110

This was quite the action-packed episode! Intense looks, strong words, and designer shoes were all tossed out around. So I am going to keep it simple and direct. Negotiating the pricing is an art. It’s a natural "people skills" trait.

It’s not that I don’t trust in the others -- I just like to run a tight ship to make sure things are done well. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect, far from it. I’m just sharp and have great organizational skills. I like to manage, alongside good, hard working and honest people.

Ambria and I don't know it all when it comes to pricing. That would be silly. We can all learn from each other. It just so happens that she and I have worked together for a bit longer therefore we have our flow and system down. Typically, she aims for the stars when pricing, and I keep it together making sure that we are performing well with the numbers and stay within the guidelines and following procedure. When pricing, understand the rule. The cost is typically a 1/3 to a 1/4 of retail based on style and condition, but with anything, that is subject to small changes depending on the circumstance. Talk it out with the client, and respect the guidelines.

Anne (Hutchison) Dessaint
Anne (Hutchison) Dessaint

Dear Tara,

I have watched the show a couple of times and kept thinking to myself, "I know this young lady for somewhere, she looks very familiar". Then I read your bio and it states you are originally from Waterford, CT. This is going to sound a bit strange, but do you have a brother named Kevin and mom Donna? If so, I used to be your babysitter when we lived next door to each other on Laurel Drive in New London! If it's not you - I apologize.

Sincerely, Anne (Hutchison) Dessaint Ledyard, CT