Tara Muscarella

Tara apologies if her comment was taken the wrong way, but explains how the store should be curated.

on Nov 8, 2011

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to those who may have been offended when I said that the clothes Wilson brought in were "a little gay." I realize it was not very "PC" of me, and I fear I may have given the wrong impression. I could try and do this by sharing about my "girly" moments, but I will resist the urge and keep my comments to this episode. I didn't mean my words to be derogatory, or that I disliked the pieces, but rather I meant that they were a little flamboyant and campy. In fact, I watched this episode with a friend, who happens to be gay, and he agrees with me.

And shouldn't I be a little concerned when he brings in flavorful shirts and mentions consigning leather underwear? When we curate, we have to consider a wide variety of tastes and not just our own. And like I told Bentley, when she began insulting the clothes in the store, "there is something for everyone" and hopefully that will mean the men's section, which is a sad state of affairs.
(Oh, and after thinking about it, my brother and his biker friends would probably rock those shirts along with leather underwear!)
Wilson is right, I certainly don't know it all, nor do I pretend to. On the contrary my managerial style is one that embraces collaboration and promotes teamwork. And often I have to reel it in, in order to run a tight ship. In fact, it seems as if he is the one that is always quite sure of himself.