Tara Muscarella

Tara apologies if her comment was taken the wrong way, but explains how the store should be curated.

on Nov 8, 2011

And God love the bold and beautiful Bentley. She is a gorgeous, but she should learn to pipe down a little bit. Wasn't Karina awesome? She didn't fan the flames on a confrontational situation. I mean really, we stained her pieces? Come on! We clearly hear it all from our clients, but I certainly wasn't having her diva-tude! And how funny was Karina and that freakin' calculator? When I saw that she was a little rattled I walked over to try and get her back to her comfort zone. With high maintenance and antagonistic clients like Bentley it's often a good idea to not be intimidated and instead go toe-to-toe with them. Like I said, at the end of the day, we are doing them a service!

It was very cool of River to invite us to the annual, Jeffery Fashion Cares Event. We all enjoyed the beautifully sculpted bodies—some more enthusiastically than others, ha, ss we got a sneak peek behind the curtain, and as they walked down the runway in designer's clothes that we barely noticed because their studliness stole our attention.

Alright, gotta go.

Ambria is down stairs picking me up. No NOT in a garbage truck, thank goodness!