Tara Muscarella

Tara explains why she got so frustrated with Wilson, and why she thinks green is in.

on Nov 15, 2011

When set on making something as good as it can be, I can definitely be intense. It was crunch time. The guests were about to arrive and there was still much to be done. Not to mention what you didn't see -- the step and repeat (a press backdrop which photos are taken in front of) turned up incorrectly printed. Add to all this, the DJ arrived without the cable he needed for the speakers. Thank goodness Karina enjoys cleaning as much as I do. Her offer to vacuum was much appreciated, as was her calming words. Ambria is the most used to working with me, and perhaps it's because she, too, is fiery Sagittarius, that she let me focus and ignored my intensity while helping out in an unaffected way.

She was in charge of food and drink, and she thoughtfully made non-alcoholic mojitos for me and the others not drinking. However, truth be told, I was surprised I didn't go straight for the champagne that evening.

I'm also surprised that I didn't lose my temper on Wilson sooner. When he told me to go home and "relax," I knew I was going to blow my stack. Rather than be annoyingly over concerned with my intense focus, he could have kept his mouth shut and appreciated the pressure I was under. I'm a detailed-oriented person, and when I am throwing an event, or when I'm associated with something that my name's attached to, I want it to be as perfect as possible.