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The Green of Fashion

Tara explains why she got so frustrated with Wilson, and why she thinks green is in.

When set on making something as good as it can be, I can definitely be intense. It was crunch time. The guests were about to arrive and there was still much to be done. Not to mention what you didn't see -- the step and repeat (a press backdrop which photos are taken in front of) turned up incorrectly printed. Add to all this, the DJ arrived without the cable he needed for the speakers. Thank goodness Karina enjoys cleaning as much as I do. Her offer to vacuum was much appreciated, as was her calming words. Ambria is the most used to working with me, and perhaps it's because she, too, is fiery Sagittarius, that she let me focus and ignored my intensity while helping out in an unaffected way.

She was in charge of food and drink, and she thoughtfully made non-alcoholic mojitos for me and the others not drinking. However, truth be told, I was surprised I didn't go straight for the champagne that evening.

I'm also surprised that I didn't lose my temper on Wilson sooner. When he told me to go home and "relax," I knew I was going to blow my stack. Rather than be annoyingly over concerned with my intense focus, he could have kept his mouth shut and appreciated the pressure I was under. I'm a detailed-oriented person, and when I am throwing an event, or when I'm associated with something that my name's attached to, I want it to be as perfect as possible.

Once the music started and the party began, all was fine. The guests were excited, and it turned out to be a wonderful event! Again I was reminded that one can only do so much. And though Wilson thinks I don't appreciate his contributions, I did appreciate his garbage picking skills, which resulted in the green bottles we used as vases. And even though it's not my management style to pull rank, Ambria is right, he needs to learn a thing or two about the pecking order. It may sound harsh, but I find him at times to be naively overconfident.

When I left the advertising world and started my second time around at Second Time Around, the timing was good. While most businesses are suffering, the consignment business is booming. Though some smart shoppers have been hip to frugal shopping for years, others have been humbled by the economic downturn and are now looking for new ways to save, or make, a penny.

Not to mention, many of us are conscientious about our impact on the environment. I like to say we are in, "the green of fashion." In recycling fashion, consigning items, and giving them a new home, we are reducing our carbon footprints.That's not to say we need to have a fully recycled wardrobe, but it's a step in the right direction. Kinda like not letting the water run when you brush your teeth. Turn it OFF!

It was really special to visit Lisa's home. I'm not sure if it's because it is an entirely eco-friendly design, but the air within felt clean and the energy felt quite zen-like and still. You saw the green roof, which insulates the house, but you didn’t get to see the secret garden! It is quite the hidden oasis within the bustling streets of New York.

It was wonderful reaching out to sustainable fashion designers, Samantha Pleet, The Sway, Robin Brouillet , Beau Soleil, Auralis and Olsen Hause. These "sustainable" designers are local and use socially responsible methods of production, and environmentally friendly materials and fabrics.

Samantha is such a sweetheart. She was kind to have Ambria and me over to her studio to see her designs, which are inspired by her travels. We had a blast trying on some of her pieces, and you should have seen the upstairs room where we changed, it felt like we were in a dollhouse. She ended up making out really well at the green party where quite a few of her pieces sold.

We Are Family

Karina explains her escape from the store and how the STA staff has bonded.

The final episodes are upon us. . .and I had so much fun this entire season. There are several things I wanted to mention so I'll just start from the top. . .

The accordion purse -- when that came in the door I got extremely excited, having studied art history and the artist Eric De Kolb. Funny that Tara's voice was in my head when I was pricing the item. Haha! It's really a unique item and was so great that we found a happy buyer, who will be the talk of her next dinner party or event.

Going to Kelly's home was a real treat. She has a really good way about her, very warm and welcoming. Her taste is great, especially the Hermes pillows she had made. And I thought Ambria was going to pass out in the closet. Thankfully she donated some items for the auction, which was all for a great cause Generosity Water. . .And thanks to Peter Som and Alexa Ray Joel for their items. It was really very nice of everyone participate.

I have to note that Colin, with the Coco Chanel cuff, walks around NYC barefoot. He told me the Hopi Indians used to walk barefoot so they felt closer to earth and nature. Not sure how concrete and asphalt are the same as dirt and grass, but hey, to each his own. . .

Lastly, I just wanted to touch on Ambria and I's little escape from the store. When you work together for awhile, you sometimes do act like schoolkids and that was pretty much what happened when we "snuck" out of the store. But Tara is great, and I'm glad she was so forgiving. . .and also that she feels comfortable enough with me to discuss any personal issues. We have bcome somewhat of a family and Tara , Wilson, Ambria, and myself. We all look out for one another at this point. . .

My PS: That Elle magazine accessories vault was amazing.

My PSS: I'll be posting some personal pictures from the season on Twitter @KarinaLepiner and