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Karina keeps score of Wilson's fashion-forward spins and Tara's attitude.

Well I can walk you through my thoughts on Fifi the first time consignor, or the guy with the Just "let's just say $1200" Cavalli, whom I loved by the way. .

But I'd rather get right to the eco-friendly party. . .

Our visit to Lisa's unbelievable eco-friendly townhouse inspired us to host a party at the store on very short notice, which is probably why Tara was completely stressed out. Unfortunately it manifested, and the rest of the store felt the vibe. . .especially Wilson. He wasn't really used to seeing Tara go one louder to "11." But hey, he asked for it.

Truth is Wilson is entitled to his opinion, but he needs to be respectful of Tara and understand his role. I was a bit surprised that he confronted her, but at the end of the day I'm glad they worked it all out. Wilson means well and I'm pretty certain he was just trying to loosen the mood. Oh well!!! All in all it was a great event.

My PS: For those that are keeping score, Wilson did Twirl Number 3 in his eco-friendly green suede shoes. How cute!! I'm like his twirl tracker. . .

My PPS: The whole silk thing was fascinating. . .who knew there was eco-friendly silk? Now we know.