Wilson Payamps

Wilson shares what he learned during his first consign, and what he thinks of his accent.

on Oct 11, 2011

It's so refreshing to meet people like her in NYC -- fabulous but also down to earth and looking out for her community and roots. With that said, my first consignment went very well and my prices were reasonable. But, of course, the consignors always wants more -- that's including you Kelly. I am glad Tara was behind me to back me up, even though I think she shouldn't have disagreed with me in front of our client. But, oh well, she is the manager right! Overall, my first consignment went very well but I definitely have room for improvement.

Although I wasn't there for the Birkin party I have to give it up for Ambria and Karina they did a phenomenal job. Ambria's idea for a Birkin swap party was great and very educational for those that did not know how to spot a fake bag.

BTW: My Sofia Vergara accent was insane in this episode. Haha! I had to lower the volume. It's always so weird to hear myself.