Wilson Payamps

Wilson wishes party prep could have been more fun, but he does regret some of his comments to Tara.

on Nov 15, 2011

I loved, loved those Gucci ankle strap shoes. The heels were super high, but it also had a thicker platform in the front making it easier for woman to walk in. We offered the consignor a 50/50 deal, which is something that we normally don't do, but there are those occasions that we make exceptions.

Karina and I loved the consignor with the Just Cavalli gold studded jacket, and we were certainly sad to let that great jacket walk out the store. But you know what -- sometimes consignors come in thinking that they will get tons of money for their items, and, as much as we would love for our clients to make a lot of money, we also need to run a business and price things reasonably. Our formula for pricing is a third to a quarter of the price of retail and that is something that I cannot change specially without Tara's or the home office authorization. But something tells me that this consignor will be back soon!