Wilson Payamps

Wilson wishes party prep could have been more fun, but he does regret some of his comments to Tara.

on Nov 15, 2011

Tara's eco-party for Earth Day was a great idea. Unfourtunately things did not go so smooth during the prep but the party overall was a success.

All I have to say is that day Tara was very stressed out for reasons that I could not understand. We really had all under control, and everyone contributed to make everything happen. It was such a small event that there was really no need or reason to be stressed out. Since Tara is the manager, whenever she is in a certain mood it affects all of us, and I just had to say something. I never thought it would have escalated to the point it did, but I guess it was good for Tara to release some of her stress talking to me. Of course, I do regret saying certain things, which I thought were innapropiate such as the "go home" comment. I guess next time I'll choose my words carefully. Prepping for the party should have being a fun process, and it wasn't.

FYI: I crakcked my iPhone screen the night before digging into dirty trash cans in the bodegas's uptown looking for "green" bottles. I was not stressed out because I don't let such minor thing get to me. And we are talking about an iPhone! Hello!

Another FYI: Ambria's Cuban sandwiches were delicious!