When the STA crew throws an eco-friendly party, Wilson and Tara aren't feeling in sync.

PREMIERE: Nov 15, 2011, 10:00 PM
Episode 7: Eco-Fashion Party

Wilson and Ambria negotiate with a consigner for $1,500 Gucci pumps that they are dying to have for the store. Meanwhile, Tara and Karina visit a consignor at her home and get to see her complete eco-friendly renovation. Inspired by the sustainable home and hot trends in eco-friendly fashion, Tara decides to plan an eco-friendly party where they will promote eco-friendly designers like Samantha Pleet, whose show room they also visit. Wilson and Karina also try to consign a Just Cavalli jacket worth $2,500. Finally, tensions run high when during party prep Tara gets stressed and Wilson tells her that she is ruining his fun. This leads to Tara and Wilson getting into a drag out fight and Tara has to remind Wilson, "Don't f--king tell me how I need to be -- you're not responsible for the party, you're not responsible for the store." Thankfully, the tension fades and the party begins. The eco-designers area hit with the clients, and it seems like all is well among the staff one more time.