Chris Elwood

Chris Elwood on how he does, in fact, pay attention.

on Jun 25, 2008

Is it just me or does everyone seem happier this season? I'm glad that they are showing Jeff's softer side this year. After last season and up until recently so many people would come up to me and ask, "Is Jeff really that crazy?" and I would say, "You betcha! BUT, he is a lot nicer and had done a lot more for Jenni and I and everyone else in his life than they have portrayed ." And that is the truth -- Jeff is a bit nutty but I do believe he genuinely has a great heart.

How 'bout that painting? I wish I could get a poster of that painting. Would you guys like a poster of Zoila's portrait? How much would you pay for it? I told Jeff that we should mass produce that painting and sell them to all of Zoila's fans ('cause believe me there's a bunch). Or a Zoila t-shirt, huh ... huh? Yeah that would be sweet! As far as the painting itself, I thought Samantha (the artist) did a great job. I mean portraits are very difficult and I think the mark of a well-done portrait is when you look at it, you immediately see the person being rendered and I think Samantha definitely accomplished that. Art is sooooooo subjective -- one man's trash is another's treasure. BEHOLDER people BEHOLDER!!! Anyway I do think Jeff's heart was in the right place again -- the bottom line is he helped facilitate the immortalization of a truly great woman. FYI: It did help keep the coyotes away for a couple weeks.

I'm glad that Ryan and Jenni were able to each bless V.O. 2 in their own way.