Chris Elwood

Chris Elwood on how he does, in fact, pay attention.

on Jun 25, 2008

So now about me, when Jeff said that I don't listen or pay attention: The fact is that Jeff and I had discussed what the plan was for the day. He wanted me to be at the house for the pet grooming and for Chris 2 to do the running around on the errands. Jeff had given me a bank deposit that he said needed to be deposited first thing so I went downstairs and talked to Chris 2 about what we were doing for the day and that I was going to the bank and would be back in ten minutes. Jeff did not say "Stay at the house no matter what." He said for me to decide what needed to be done between Chris 2 and I and make it happen and that's what I did. Sooooooooo, do you guys feel like we are trying to subliminally make you guys and gals watch old episodes of Who's the Boss?

Exhibit A: Jenni's blog title last week

Exhibit B: my blog title last week

Exhibit C: Chris 2 say "Who's the boss?" a few times in Episode Two.

Exhibit D: Dr. TONY (Danza) last season

Exhibit E: Zoila is such an angel (Angela). OK -- so maybe E was a reach.

Do you see any other examples? Thanks again for watching.