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Chris Elwood

Let's Set The Record Straight

OK everyone -- dogs are animals and they do things a little differently than we do. When they were PLAYING, I felt confident that things were under control. If you watch and pay attention and don't overreact to a little growling and barking you...
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"ahhhhhh, Communication"

Is it just me or does everyone seem happier this season? I'm glad that they are showing Jeff's softer side this year. After last season and up until recently so many people would come up to me and ask, "Is Jeff really that crazy?" and I would say,...
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Who's The Boss Now?

WOW! I really like the way this season starts out. It feels like a movie how they start with Jeff in the middle of the $h!t and then it goes to "two weeks earlier" -- I love that stuff. Man that house was huge, talk about a daunting task. Doesn...
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