Chris Keslar

Chris Keslar continues to learn the ropes working for Jeff Lewis.

on Jul 2, 2008

The scene where Jeff has me list down everything I had done that day was excruciatingly awkward and you can see how uncomfortable I was with the questioning. It felt like I was being asked to throw Chris under the bus. I knew something was up from the tone of Jeff's voice and the way he was going about the questioning. But I didn't know what. I also felt bad because it really felt like Jenni was tres, tres uncomfortable, too. I just wish that Jeff had called Chris and I in together to address his concerns head-on. I like to think that we could have all talked about it and worked it out as a team -- without having to resort to the nanny cam.

At the end of the day, Jeff has his own particular way of doing things. It is his business and he has the right to run it the way he sees fit. He is uber-talented and crazy successful, so obviously he's found a way to make things work on his terms -- as unorthodox as those terms may seem to the outsider.

As an employee of Jeff's, you just have to decide for yourself if you can play by his rules -- if and when you figure out what they are! Strap on your thickest, rawhide skin honey -- 'cause you're going to need it to survive around these parts!

'Till next week!

Xoxo, Chris K.

P.S. How undeniably ADORABLE was the scene with Ryan and Chloe playing house? My favorite quote of the entire episode: "We should get some furniture in here. You should know by now, unfurnished houses don't sell!" Puh-riceless!