Chris Keslar

If Chris Keslar has learned one thing working for Jeff Lewis it's: YOU CAN'T WIN.

on Jul 24, 2008

Chronologically, Catfoodgate happened first. Every two weeks or so, I would make a run to Pets Naturally in Sherman Oaks because they carry the specific brand of premium cat food that Jeff likes for Monkey and for Stuey. Monkey dines on Tiki Cat and Stuey eats Great Life Chicken. The woman who runs Pets Naturally knows us because we come in so often and always purchase the same thing. When I went to pick up Stuey's food that week I noticed that the picture on the bag was different. When I went to check out I specifically asked her about it because I wanted to make sure I was getting the right food. She assured me that it was the same formula -- the same exact food -- but that they had just changed the packaging. It never crossed my mind that it would become as big a deal as it ended up becoming. Apparently, the bag I bought had gotten crushed in transit and, thus, the cat food was soft and crumbled to the touch. Subsequently, Stuey would not eat it. When Jeff questioned me about it, I relayed what the woman at the store had told me. I guess he didn't believe me (?) and was convinced that she was "bullshitting" me! Whaaaaaaat??? Why in the world would she try to bullshit me? About freaking cat food?!! Trying to stay in the solution, I asked him if he would like me to try another brand. Nope! He wanted me to go back and demand that I get the old food! He was convinced that she was holding out on me. Oh my god. FOR REALS??? Before wasting time and money to go the whole way back to Sherman Oaks, I suggested we call corporate to get to the bottom of the matter. After getting permission to go on the computer, I called up Great Life to find out that, in fact, the packaging had changed and nothing else. The formula was exactly the same So, I went back to the pet store, exchanged the crumbled cat food and Stuey was saved from starvation I love that Jeff cares so much about his animals, but this situation was out of control!