Chris Keslar

If Chris Keslar has learned one thing working for Jeff Lewis it's: YOU CAN'T WIN.

on Jul 24, 2008

The Memorial Day debate was another exercise in frustration. I was pretty sure that the crews were not working that day, so I figured that we, too, would most certainly have off. In an effort to be conscientious, I just wanted to check in with him and make sure that we, too, were going to have off. This is one of the toughest things about working for Jeff: He puts on one hell of a poker face! When I asked about Memorial Day, it was more about making small talk during lunch and for confirmation that we would, in fact, have off. When he came out with the whole "We rotate holidays and Zoila has requested all of them off for this year," I was incredulous. I admit, I have a tendency to take things too literally at times, but this doesn't mean I don't have a sense of humor! There are times when Jeff is just kidding and I was beginning to get good at telling when he was doing that. In this instance, I was pretty sure he was just kidding, but he wouldn't break. He just kept playing, playing, pushing, pushing, and pushing. He wouldn't break and just say, "Yes, Chris. It's OK for you to have off for Memorial Day." That's why I kept going back and forth with him about it I just kept waiting for him to break and be reasonable! It never happened! Ha!