Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis vents about dealing with rats.

on Jul 10, 2008

The rat infestation at the Encino property was by far the worst rodent problem I have ever encountered. Lorie Lassner was running a high end rat hotel without ever knowing it. It amazes me that she never heard them in the walls or attic because we estimated the guest list to be in the double digits. The irony was that the Lassners had a contract for regular maintenance with a supposedly reputable pest control company. They would show up, place a few traps around, then come back in a few weeks and check them. In the meantime, the rats were multiplying and inviting more friends to move in. They never actually addressed the problem, probably because they would lose their dependable monthly service fee once the rats were eliminated. To solve a rodent problem, you have to find and block every single point of entry, then catch the ones still trapped inside, just in case anyone is wondering. However, I did enjoy teasing Lorie about it, although she never quite found it funny. I guess I was hoping if I joked about it enough, she would see the humor in it, but that never happened. I was able to solve the problem in the end, evicting every last rat.