Jeff Lewis

Jeff talks pajama parties, self-employment, and keeping an open mind.

on Aug 27, 2009

After meeting Seana and Brad Sherwood, I felt they were a perfect fit for Jeff Lewis Design. Although I was put off by their request to meet them for dinner in my pajamas, I enjoyed myself and I really got to know them. I was amazed at how open and honest Seana was about her past. There was an instant connection for me. I also have a great amount of respect for her after hearing her journey. I am learning that you can never judge someone until you have walked in their shoes. Then you can judge. People have told me that for years, but I was never in a place to really understand it. I am so glad I was able to show up with an open mind.

At the Buena Park project, Vlad and I are not connecting. In a better market Vlad was his own boss, and apparently, he is having trouble adjusting to the new climate. I speak from experience in that it is an adjustment. I will say, it is not all bad if you embrace it. There are positives to working for other people. I for one enjoy being employed and I really like that consistent paycheck. Financial security in this time is worth the ego-crushing dose of humility I have been getting on a daily basis.

Next week, tensions rise and drama heightens. I'm very sorry to report that a valued employee of Jeff Lewis Design "runs for the hills."