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Jeff Lewis

The Two Chucks

I am still reeling over what happened at Hamburger Mary's. Strange unexplained events are a common occurrence in my life, but even I was shocked. No one could have seen that coming. When Chuck slapped Trace, I actually saw spit fly from Trace's...
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Flipping Faux Pas

Sarah has been employed by JLD for almost a year and a half. She has been a cheerful and fun addition to the office. She is well-liked by my clients and employees. When she is allowed to work on her own and at her own pace, she is very productive....
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<i>Flipping</i> Forgiveness

I regret screaming at Jenni. It was an extremely frustrating day, and although Jenni meant well, she actually caused a lot of damage when she decided to side with Christy (our client) against me. My goal in that lunch meeting was to convince...
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Presentation Panic!

I didn’t think anything would be more frightening than Sarah in charge of my business or Jenni’s wardrobe, but the House Beautiful kick-off meeting proved to be far more terrifying.  When I was asked to design the Kitchen of the Year, I knew...
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Zoila, Renaissance Woman

Our rough plane flight back from northern California was a little unnerving, especially for poor Sarah who already suffers from aerophobia. We hit some turbulence and in an effort to change our altitude, the pilot came very close to another plane...
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Is Jeff a Sweetsies?

When I am lucky enough to find an employee that quickly and easily acclimates to our non-traditional work environment, I try very hard to educate and train them. I immediately enroll them into the Jeff Lewis boot camp, from which I must admit very...
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